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location based sms marketing campaign in Saudi made easier

Location Based / Area Based SMS Marketing Campaigns


Today, your marketing strategy needs to go above and beyond traditional tactics that have been implemented for decades. Our location based sms marketing campaign is a great way to reach potential customers in Saudi Arabia

Location based SMS campaigns can be tailored specifically to each individual location that you have targeted. When a customer enters a "geo-fence" during one of your campaigns, a text message is sent to the user with your offer and/or link. This message will be sent to them WHILE THEY ARE ACTUALLY THERE!

You can do the location based or area based sms marketing where you want in Saudi or in a city in Saudi Arabia as well as when you want. Our versatile location based “Geo Fencing” aware SMS marketing program has the ability to deliver direct, purposeful, and customized SMS messages based on mobile users’ location, time, etc.

Location based or area based sms marketing can be used to:

  • provide relevant marketing and alert sms based on the end users’ location
  • increase reach and foot traffic to your business outlets. send promotional offer only to people in and around a major shopping mall, restaurant, etc.
  • let the mobile users know the events taking place in around their area.
  • location based SMS marketing campaign response rates outstrip all other forms of advertising.

Common organisations and companies that can use this service are:

  • sports stadiums
  • tourist areas and attractions
  • government
  • public emergency address
  • recreation
  • multi-unit companies with multiple locations
  • transportation


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